Conference Schedule


Friday  — August 10th

9:00am-1:00pm:         Registration (located in the KCIC Auditorium Foyer)

8:30-11:00am:            Morning Hike at Blomidon Provincial Park:

There are a couple of different hikes at Blomidon  – take a light stroll on the beach, make a short hike up to the lookout, or complete the full 11km loop.  Your choice, your speed.  We will leave Clock Tower park in Wolfville at 8:30am and we leave the park at 11:00am- please email if you need a ride to Blomidon Provincial Park.  For more info about park please see:

1:00pm:                       Opening remarks (located in the KCIC auditorium)

1:05-2:25pm:              Panel 1  (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Lori Crowe Consuming Politics: The Performative Politics of Brewing & Drinking Beer
  • Anna Robbins Ads as Moral Cultural Liturgies in Post-Secular Context
  • Matt Davies ‘The Other City’: Performance as Method In The Urban Nexus Of The Everyday and The International



2:30-3:50pm:               Panel 2 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Andrew Biro and Alice Cohen Pop Culture as Resource: Organizing Canada’s Environment
  • Jeffrey MacLeod The Policy Image & The Politics of Imagination
  • Chris Hendershot Administering Inuit Creativity in the Canadian Academy


3:50-5:00pm:              Wine and Cheese (KCIC Garden Room)

5:00-7:30pm:              Watching Film with Others: Film Screening and Discussion

(located in the KCIC auditorium)

7:30pm:                       Dinner reservations at La Torta (in Wolfville)


Saturday – August 11th

8:30-9:00am               Coffee and Muffins (located in the KCIC Auditorium Foyer)

9:00-10:20am:            Panel 3 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Srdjan Vucetic How to Build a National Identity Database–or Not
  • Can E. Mutlu Constructing the “Toughest Ocean Race in the World:” Volvo Ocean Race and the Perverse Entanglement of Capital, Security and Mobility in High Seas
  • Jean Michel Montsion & Ajay Parasram Re-grounding Citizenship through Her Travails: The Little Nyonya and the Cultural Recipe to Becoming Singaporean in Global Times


10:30-11:30am           Panel 4 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Barbara J. Falk Red Sparrow’s Cold War Redux: Everything Old is Not New Again
  • Inna Viriasova Deadly Moves: The European Refugee Crisis in Public Imagination


11:30am-1:00pm:                   Lunch at Wolfville Farmer’s Market


1:30-2:50pm:              Panel 5 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Jason Holt Casting Allusions in ’80s TV
  • William Irwin Saturday Night Live and the Political Bubble
  • Ryan Donovan One Sniff is Never Enough: Narcos’ Role in Reaffirming the United States’ Actions in South America and beyond (?)


3:00-4:00pm               Panel 6 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Jon Saklofske The Emperor’s New Clothes: Postcolonial E-lit(e)
  • James Depew Unrecognizable Life: Tragic Justice Beyond Bioethical Constraint


4:20-6:00pm               Wine and Cheese (KCIC Garden Room)

6:00-7:30 pm:             Keynote:

Michael Shapiro: The Phenomenology of Belief: Media Technologies and Communities of Sense

 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

7:45pm:                       Dinner reservations at Troy (in Wolfville)


Sunday – August 12th

8:30-9:00am:              Coffee and Muffins (located in the KCIC Auditorium Foyer)

9:00-10:00am:            Panel 7 (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Miia Huttunen Reframing Difference – UNESCO’s Orient Project and the Circulation of an Ideology
  • Simon Philpott and David Mutimer  Over the Top: the Cinematic Militarisation of Everyday Life in Canada and Australia


10:00am-11:15pm      Documentary and discussion (located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Michelle Lee Brown  (Re)Coding Indigenous Futurities


11:15-12:00pm           Closing Roundtable: After the Cultural Politics of Popular Worlds

(located in the KCIC auditorium)

  • Geoffrey Whitehall
  • Michael Shapiro
  • Inna Viriasova
  • Ajay Parasram


12:30pm:                     Wine tour (lunch at a Winery)

The wine industry is exploding in the Valley.  This double decker bus will take you to all the wineries (pick up – drop off).  Lunch is available at a number of the wineries.   Please buy your tickets ASAP as tickets for this are limited and sell out very fast during peak tourist season: Tickets available at 


12:30pm:                     Beer tour (lunch at Horton Ridge Malt House)

You might think that craft beer means locally produced.  However, often it only means locally owned and locally brewed —  the grain comes from far far away.  The Malt House was created to supply local breweries with locally grown barley.   The lunch menu is typically very limited (no veggie option), but it has a great tap room.  See